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Zaca's Georgette

Zaca's Georgette

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Zaca's Georgette (6158) 01/31/1986 (A. Stephens) Blossom - Single chimera fuchsia-pink frilled star with white chimera stripe. Foliage - Variegated light green and white, hairy, ruffled. Large standard.


You will receive a plant in a 2.5 inch pot. It may or maynot be in bloom.


Zaca's Georgette is more fragile than other African violets and it may arrive with many broken leaves. I cannot be held responsible for broken leaves. As long as the crown is alive, new leaves will grow and replace the broken leaves.

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If the lowest temperature at both your location and Seattle is expected to be below 41°F (5°C) in the next 7 days, please consider purchasing a heat pack to protect your plants and upgrade to Express Mail to minimize cold damage.

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