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Because African violets are sensitive to extreme heat and cold, it's safer to make a purchase when your local temperature is between 42°F and 100°F in the next 7 days. I will not be responsible for cold/heat shipping damages unless you select Express Mail. 

- Winter shipping cost for USPS Priority Mail (2-5 days) starts at around $17 for the first plant and Express Mail (1-2 days) starts at around $50. A heat pack and insulation will be used to protect your plant(s). I will NOT refund any cold damages if you choose Priority Mail. Please select Express Mail to guarantee safe delivery! If the lowest temperature in Seattle and your area is above 42°F, I will refund $3. 

- April to October (42°F-90°F) shipping starts at around $12 for the first plant. If you reside on the West Coast, shipping costs are slightly lower.


- If you placed multiple orders and wish to get combined shipping, please remind me with a message. I will combine orders and refund excess postage. 

- It takes 1-5 business days for your order to be processed, and I do not ship on Thursdays and Sundays. The shipping date also depends on my workload and the weather at both ends. Please note that I cannot accommodate same-day urgent orders, as it takes hours to dry a wet plant and prepare a large order. I reserve the right to hold or cancel your order if the weather is too extreme; however, I can hold the plants for 7 days only.

- International shipping is available at the customer's risk. Please message me for details.



- Because plants are perishable items, I usually do not accept returns. 

- A few broken leaves or spilled soil may occur and don't constitute a damaged plant. If the plant arrives severely damaged (crown destroyed beyond recovery) or dead, please notify me with a clear picture within 12 hours on the same day of delivery. 

- If you received an incorrect plant or a starter plant that doesn't bloom true, I will send a replacement plant with your next purchase or issue a refund minus the shipping cost.

- The amount of variegation on some African violets, especially crown variegation and mosaic variegation, may change in different seasons. Blossom colors can vary due to fluctuations in temperature, light intensity, pH, fertilizer, or other growing conditions. Therefore, I do not accept returns or refunds if your plant doesn't grow exactly the same as depicted in listing photos. 

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